210 and 740 Math Homework

Spring Term

Week six due Tuesday May 14th

Assignment Name: Algebraic Formulas
Complete the formula practice page handed out in class.
If you were absent, stop in the GED Lab and ask for Heidi's formula practice sheet.

Week Five due Thursday May 2nd.

Practice Equations using the wiki or a text.
Go to the GED lab or work at home.
Print the word document below and fill it in for homework credit.

Week Four - study - nothing to turn in - quiz in class on Tuesday April 30

If you get 90% on the quiz you will earn the homework credit.

Memorize common square roots and powers(exponents)
There will be an in class quiz. You will get homework credit if you are there and get 90%
Print and cut flashcards using this webpage:
Common square roots and powers to memorize FLASH CARDS TO PRINT

If you would like, you can also practice using the sites below:
Square roots
Common square roots
Exponent Aliens game - FuN!

Week Two due Tuesday April 16th

Probability - Write Your Own Probability Questions - sheet handed out in class.
Need one?
Open and print this at MHCC, at the GED Lab, or at home

Week One due Tuesday April 9th

Have an organized binder ready to show

It does NOT have to be fancy or expensive-
If you would like a cost-effective alternative - go to the GED Lab and ask to see the sample
low-cost binder and pick-up recycled parts.
To get credit - you will need to have these sections:
  • Program Info.
  • Class Info.
  • Classwork
  • Homework
  • Tests