Hi, Everyone.

Welcome to Reading 2. I'll try and keep this updated. If you have a question about the day's assignments, or were absent that day, you can email me, and check here for any handouts information.

Week 1: Student Success Skills and Finding the Main Idea

Day 1:
1. Read the syllabus. Turn in the blue sheet to me on Wednesday, with your initials next to each line.

2. Sign up for classroom reminders on remind.com This is how I can get in touch with you at the last minute to let you know of any class cancellations (due to weather, sickness, etc.).
3. Go to mhcc.edu and sign in to the portal. Here is where you will be able to access your grades, attendance, etc. Keep an eye on your grades and talk to me if there are any discrepancies or if you need extra credit.

Day 2:

1. Finding the Main Idea Homework
2. Homework: Read "A Coffee Story" and answer the questions at the end.

Week 2: Greek and Latin Roots

Try this Kahoot to quiz yourself

Day 2.Forms of Government and Checks and Balances

Week 3:Forms of Government

Day 2. Quizlet: Use this website (or app on your phone) to quiz yourself on the forms of government

Powerpoint on Text structures

Week 4: Civics and Government

Day 1: Check your reading speed on spreeder here

How is power divided video on Ted Ed

2. Bill of Rights Hand Jive

Week 4: Civil Rights from Reconstruction to the Present

Week 5: Women's Rights and Women's Suffrage

Know Your Rights Voting

Fact and Opinion practice

Week 6: The Cold War and the Berlin Airlift

Day 1:

Berlin Airlift
Cuban Missile Crisis
Robert McNamara and the Fog of War clip

Day 2:

Week 6 & 7: The Scientific Method

Day 1: Intro to the Scientific Method

Vocabulary quizlet

Day 2: Independent and Dependent Variables

Week 8 and 9: Culture Research and Presentation

Creating Powerpoints

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of a bad Powerpoint

Video: Death by Powerpoint video (funny)