Week 3

Practice your Greek and Latin roots/prefixes/suffixes. We will have a quiz on Monday.

Practice with these virtual flashcards!
and games

Week 4

1. The Jabberwocky poem

2. Go to readtheory.org

3. Create an account. You will need your email address.

4. Take the assessment quiz.

5. Sign in to your account on my computer.

Week 7 Manufacturing Jobs

What recent innovations in technology have made your life easier?

Using your cell phone, take this poll.

Clip from The 1900 House on Pbs

filip for at&t

Who was the greatest innovator of all time?

external image lowres_12index.gif

Week 8: Scientific Design

Blue Eyes are Increasingly Rare article from the New York Times

Week 10: Detecting Bias and Fact and Opinion

OJ advertisement