-----------------------------------------HOW TO LABEL ALL PAPERS--------------------------------------------------------------


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------------------CLASS ASSIGNMENTS------USING WORD------EMAILING-------------------------------------------------


  • create your own email account
  • practice writing using word, attaching, and sending

To participate fully, you will need these skills!

1) Write your assignment using WORD 2) Save your writing to the desktop 3) Open your email and choose NEW or COMPOSE 4) Send to: 1230writingtwo@gmail.com or 600writingtwo@gmail.com 5) Put today's assignment name in the SUBJECT 6) Attach the word document 7) Send 8) Remember! SHUT DOWN the computer (that way no one can look at your email or your writing)

-----------------------------------------------------------CLASS EXPECTATIONS---------------------------------------------------------- email and word processing keeping a copy of everything you write for class = your writing portfolio You will be able to put a portfolio of all your class writing together by week 10

------------------------------INDENT AND BLOCK PARAGRAPH EXAMPLE---------------------------------------------------

Indent and Block Paragraph example.doc
Indent and Block Paragraph example.doc
Indent and Block Paragraph example.doc

--------------------------------------KEYBOARDING PRACTICE--------------------------------------------------- keyboarding lessons 3 keyboarding games Keyboarding kill the sharks


Longman's Online Dictionary - very user friendly Listen to the word - Webster's Dictionary The Free Dictionary + Pronounces + Encyclopedia + try it out words Word Lists by Theme - A great writing tool for word choice Word Lists by theme - more! ---------------------------------Thesaurus - use for finding similar words - synonyms-------------------------------------------

Synonyms - Use for good word choice!

Visual Word Connections - VISUWORDS.com

---------------------------------------------JOURNAL TOPICS------------------------------------------------------- 10 Worst Inventions Ever

--------------------------------------------------------ESSAY TOPICS--------------------------------------------------------------------

Essay Topics - Persuasive Essay Topics - leads to another GED wiki! Essay Topics - even more!

--------------------------------------------------COMPREHENSIVE SITES------------------------------------------------------------

Examples of just about everything!

Nouns, verb, Adj, Adverbs, Spelling, and MORE!

BBC Skillwise Writing

Longman's Online Dictionary

finding verbs in sentences

Comprehensive Writing Chemeketa Community College

all grammar - ccc comment

Kinda Fun Grammar Site - Chomp Chomp- Grammar Bytes

Mrs. Sprigg's Grammar Page

--------------------------------------------FREE PRINTABLE WORKSHEETS------------------------------------------------------


Brainstorming List.doc
Brainstorming List.doc
Brainstorming List.doc

4-questions game - for adding details What If? - brainstorming unusual questions EXCELLENT worksheets (University of Georgia online writing resources)

------------------------------------Grammar Terms - glossary-------------------------------------------------

Grammar Terms - Glossary ----------------------------------------------WORD CHOICE---------------------------------------------------------- Free Rice - Vocabulary and MORE Easily Confused Words: its it's, there, their, they're and more....scroll down to WORD CHOICE Visual Word Chart - very nice site! Word Lists by Theme - A great writing tool for word choice


Sentences Lesson.docx
Sentences Lesson.docx
Sentences Lesson.docx

Stratgegies for Sentence Variation - lengths & beginnings (Purdue OWL) Dictionary of Sentence examples What kind of sentence is this? -Quia QUIZ

Examples of Statements or Declarative sentences.docx
Examples of Statements or Declarative sentences.docx
Examples of Statements or Declarative sentences.docx

ALL ABOUT SENTENCES, FRAGMENTS, AND RUN-ONS Practice writing clear, concise sentences.

-----------------------------------------COMPLETE SENTENCES--------------------------------------------------- Power Point Presentation


sentence basics - flashcards

--------------------------Fixing Sentences Practice----------------------------------


Scroll down to fragments - chomp, chomp Find the fragment in a paragraph - chomp chomp Fixing fragments in a paragraph

-------------------------------------------Run on Sentences introduction-------------------------------------------------------

Complete or Run-On Sentence - Identification- BASIC Is this a run-on? How do you fix it?

----------------------------------More advance Run-0n Sentence Practice------------------------------------------------------

Scroll down to : Comma Splices and Fused Sentences

----------------------------------------------Subject-Verb Agreement-----------------------------------------------------------------

Open and scroll down to Subject-Verb Agreement - Chomp-Chomp

-----------------------------------PARALLEL STRUCTURE-----------------------------------------------------

#1 Parallel Structure - Lesson and Practice Parallel Structure - GED Questions Parallel Structure Quiz 25 questions


-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Commas--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for an introduction to commas use? Try this. Commas in a list practice *PRACTICE THIS ONE BUT DO NOT CHOOSE COMMA SPLICES AND FUSED SENTENCES PRACTICE. *SCROLL FURTHER DOWN TO WHERE IT JUST SAYS COMMAS!

Comma Practice Comma after an introductory word Comma after an Introductory phrase Comma with FANBOYS Commas with inserted information (parenthetical phrases) Practice #1 Commas with inserted information (parenthetical phrases) practice #2 Commas with inserted information (parenthetical phrases) practice #3


The GED ESSAY explained step-by-step (wisc online) GED Essay - How To / Structure ON-LINE ESSAY FORM - USE THIS TO WRITE YOUR ESSAY!!!!!


Writing an Essay step by step.doc
Writing an Essay step by step.doc
Writing an Essay step by step.doc

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Example Essays----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Essay examples Examples from Real Writing - color coded History of the Fork

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Revising/Editing----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Writers Talk About Editing - EXCELLENT VIDEO! Editing Checklist

--------------------------------------WOULD YOU LIKE TO SUBMIT YOUR WORK TO BE PUBLISHED ON LINE?----------------------------------------------------------------- Teen Ink an online magazine If you are 40 or older, try this one. You may win fifty dollars!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------JOB/CAREER RELATED WRITING----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COVER LETTER List of Career Choices A-Z More Job Descriptions http://www.careerdepot.org/Descriptions/job_descriptions.htm

EXAMPLE COVER LETTERS - possibilities to include in a cover letter

Cover Letter.docx
Cover Letter.docx

Cover Letter.docx